Amboseli & Chyulu Hills Safari: Iconic Wildlife Under Kilimanjaro’s Shadow

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Discover the iconic herds of elephants in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro and indulge in elite game-viewing experiences. Amboseli and Chyulu Hills are two of Southern Kenya’s premier safari destinations, offering breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Amboseli: A Green Jewel in Southern Kenya

Amboseli is renowned for its exceptional game-viewing, particularly when it comes to elephants. Here, you can witness herds of majestic tuskers roaming against the stunning backdrop of Kilimanjaro. The open plains are also home to wildebeest, zebras, and a variety of other wildlife species.

Chyulu Hills: A Verdant Oasis

Adjacent to Amboseli, the Chyulu Hills offer a lush, green landscape dominated by towering volcanoes and sparkling hot springs. While the game is generally more elusive, the area provides an excellent safari experience when combined with Amboseli.

Where to Stay

  • Ol Donyo Lodge: Luxury accommodations with spectacular views and exceptional service.
  • Kampi ya Kanzi: Eco-friendly lodgings offering an authentic safari experience.
  • Tortilis Camp: Known for its stunning location and comfortable amenities.

Best Time to Visit

  • January – February: Ideal for game-viewing and experiencing the lush green landscape.
  • June – October: Perfect for witnessing the migration and enjoying the dry season.

Wildlife in Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

The Amboseli and Chyulu Hills region boasts a diverse landscape of open savannah, acacia thickets, and riverine forests, with Mount Kilimanjaro providing a stunning backdrop. This area is home to a rich array of wildlife, including:

  • Elephants: Witness some of Africa’s last remaining big tuskers.
  • Big Cats: Lions, leopards, and cheetahs roam the plains.
  • Buffalo and Hyenas: Spot these powerful animals across the savannah.
  • Giraffes and Warthogs: Common sightings in the area.
  • Antelope: A diverse range of species.
  • Birdlife: Over 300 species of birds.

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