Kenya is well known for its National parks and wildlife but Kenya is also home to some of the continent’s best beaches. Kenya is almost in the same latitude as the Seychelles, Maldives, Bali and northern Brazil. Kenya enjoys the same geographical conditions as some of the world’s top sun, sea and sand destinations. Most of Kenya’s beautiful beaches are located just north and south of Mombasa in the southeast. The northeast shore has the exotic Lamu Island and a few hideaways around Mambrui.

Diani Beach

Flawless, long stretch of white-sand beach, it’s no wonder Diani Beach is so popular. This resort town scores points with a diverse crowd: families, party people, honeymooners and water-sports enthusiasts.

Nyali Beach

Mombasa’s most popular northern beach suburb, Nyali is a good alternative to staying on Mombasa Island. What it lacks in Mombasa’s hustle and bustle it makes up for in amenities – there’s a nice selection of places to sleep and eat, and the sand is but a hop, skip and jump away.

Watamu Beach

Watamu beach, located just 10 miles south of Malindi is one of Kenya’s most popular coastal getaways, Watamu is actually a series of beaches set around cerulean coves on the sandy peninsula that separates Mida Creek from the Indian Ocean.

Lamu Island

Lamu Island is a living museum of the hybrid African-Islamic-Arabian culture that dominated the East African coast for many years.

Chale Island

Chale Island is Kenya’s only private island resort which floats less than the length of a soccer field off the mainland.
Surrounded by coral reefs and covered in thick tropical vegetation, the island has one main beach as well as several small secluded strands where your footsteps may likely be the only footsteps in the sand. Except for amphibian fins, that is, because Chale is a nesting place for several species of endangered sea turtles.

Gazi Beach

Perched along the coast road between Diani and the Tanzanian border, this secluded sandy stretch is known only to the most ardent Kenya beach freaks. Sheltered by Chale Island, the waters are calm and the sand backed by old coconut groves which provide shade for those who find the equatorial sun too strong.


Kikambala is a lovely Kenyan beach  stretch found between Mombasa and Malindi. This is a very different beast to the rest of Kenya’s beaches. The shoreline was more renowned for its sisal plantations than fun in the sun, until recently when new mega-resorts have transformed the beach into something resembling the Caribbean.


A drive north of Malindi on the coast road, Mambrui flies under the beach-going radar, a hideaway for those who know the coast well. Steady offshore winds make this another kitesurfing nirvana, but Mambui also lends itself to deep-sea fishing and snorkeling at Malindi Marine Park.