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Group Tours

There are two ways to travel. One is to be totally independent – “doing one’s own thing” or what some people refer to as Solo Travel. The other is to travel with a group. Most travelers have there own preferences.

Travelling with a group has a number of advantages:

  1. Everything is arranged in advance with no worries about planning things like accommodation, sightseeing and possibly where to eat or what to see.
  2. You usually travel with like minded people with whom you may well continue a friendship long after the tour has ended.
  3. There is tours group expert or guide who can help with any emergencies and be of general assistance.

Muthaiga Travel offers 3 types of small group tours.

  1. MICE – Our mice department organizes about 4 group tours per year to various part of the world that include: China, India, Southern Africa, many countries of Europe, Israel, Dubai and South America. These are for the traveler who does not just want to see the sights but truly experience the destination and what business opportunities the destination can offer.  All tours, naturally, include the “must sees” but also include “a promise of something special”. What is this special element? It is special events and happenings which often take the visitor “behind the scenes”, unique dining at quality restaurants, meeting the business gurus for insights and business opportunities. We limit the number to 30 (maximum is 38). We rarely make an exception to these numbers because all tours are professionally escorted and include first class accommodation or better.
  2. Local escorted tours – You join the tour on arrival in Kenya. Knowledgeable guides conduct the tours and all are conducted in English. These tours vary in length depending on the customers choice and experience but the usual amount of time spent on a tour is from one to two weeks.
  3. Small group adventure tours – These are for travellers who want an active and/or adventurous experience and are looking for something different from the usual run of the mill vacation. The main ingredients of this could be Climbing, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Trekking, Rafting, Sailing, Camping, and Hiking. Muthaiga Travel offers a number of travel ideas which include these activities and more. One doesn’t have to be young in years as much as healthy, young at heart and energetic to take part.Muthaiga Travel tours experts will help in custom designing itineraries and help you decide the tour that best suits your interests. You will likely need pre and post tour arrangements and advice on the best available deals.