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Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel Services

Muthaiga Travel provides comprehensive business travel programs for organizations in Kenya.


Do you feel overlooked by your travel management company or a small fish in their big pond?

Unlike some of the mega travel agencies, Muthaiga Travel delivers personalized corporate travel services to every client regardless of their size.

We take the time to get to know your needs from the very start, and we create a program that will generate real results year after year. Our approach to corporate travel management combines the right people, processes, and technology to successfully support the unique needs that each travel program has.

At Muthaiga Travel, we listen to our customers.

Yes, we really listen! Our Managing Director is never too busy to join conference calls with you.

As your trusted travel management partner, we go above and beyond to ensure the travel programs we create for you not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

What can Muthaiga Travel do for your corporate travel program?

  • Deliver expert corporate travel services
  • Dedicated after office hours support 24/7/365 for business travelers
  • Monitor every travel itinerary from start to finish to ensure its 100% smooth travel
  • Help you with a consolidated travel policy for all your global locations
  • Monitor your travel spending to ensure cost saving and value for business
  • Deliver high-touch VIP service for your high level Executives
  • Provide the best online self-booking and travel expense reporting technologies
  • Manage your group, meetings and incentive travel to ensure perfection for each trip