Zanzibar is a beautiful island filled with culture, not to mention its stunning beaches.

To make sure you’re seeing the best of what the island has to offer, Muthaiga Travel has compiled the list below of top things to see and do in the East Africa’s archipelago.


Spend the day in Stone Town

Stone Town is the heart and soul of the island. An incredible mash-up of winding alleys and old Arabic-style buildings, you can temporarily lose yourself (both physically and mentally) in the town’s magic. Soak up the local culture by sipping a cup of coffee from a local vendor or just keep on wandering through the streets, discovering unique little spots at every turn.

Head to Jozani Forest

A vast and scenic spread of green, Jozani is the last indigenous forest left on Zanzibar. Located inland from Chwaka Bay the area often floods, which luckily nurtures a unique swamp forest of many amazing looking trees and ferns.

Catch some sun at Nungwi beach

Nungwi is a village found on Zanzibar’s North West tip. This is a popular place yet it’s not overrun by tourists, and it’s one of Zanizbar’s top beaches as the tide doesn’t head out too far. This is a great beach for those looking to just soak up some sun and dip their toes in the sea but who don’t need the luxury of a fancy hotel on top.

Visit Prison Island

A half-hour boat trip from Zanzibar, Prison Island provides a fascinating glimpse into the island’s slightly dark past – this island was once used as a place where slaves were detained and, when slavery was abolished, it functioned as a camp where people with deadly diseases were sent. Fortunately enough, that is all in the past and today the island is a nature reserve for giant tortoises and a place to see the ruins that once functioned as the prison.

Eat at Forodhani market in Stone Town

A spectacular night-time food market, Forodhani opens in the late afternoon in Stone Town. The buzz and energy of this market are spectacular, and here you can find fresh local produce as well as freshly grilled fish, meat and vegetables. The seafood options are by far the most popular and the fish is served with fried potato balls, naan bread and samosas.

Visit Palace Museum

Commonly know as the Sultan’s Palace, The Palace Museum is perhaps the most historic building in Stone Town and is a must-see for any tourist. The Palace Museum is located in the waterfront, overlooking the ocean, and was built in the 19th century as a home for the Sultan and his family. After the 1964 revolution the site was used as a Government building and was renamed as The People’s Palace. Today it serves as a museum that showcases relics of the past Sultan family.

The House of Wonders is a hugely important and visually stunning historic building in Stone Town. It hosts a highly interesting exhibition and offers a brilliant insight into Zanzibari and Swahili culture. The House of Wonders is the grandest and tallest building in all of Stone Town and is found in a prominent location in front of the Forodhani Gardens on the old town’s seafront, in Mizingani Road.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar is known for its spice trade, so what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than learning about its wealthiest and most profitable industry? Tourists can choose from a variety of tours and explore the winding streets with expert tour guides who will inform you of the origins of the industry, as well as teaching guests about the wide variety of spices that Zanzibar produces and trades in.

Visit the Old Fort

The oldest building in Stone Town, the Old Fort is located on the seafront, right in front of the famous Forodhani Gardens. Originally built in the 17th century with the purpose of defending the island from attacks from the Portuguese, nowadays the Old Fort is one of Stone Town’s main sights. Visitors can admire the remains of the former fort and amble around the courtyard in the center, where sellers have local produce for sale. An old amphitheater still hosts events and functions in the fort.

Watch the Sunrise

If you’re staying on the east coast of Zanzibar, it will be difficult to catch the sunset, for obvious reasons, however, you will be the lucky ones who get to experience the sunrise on the island.

Get Pampered

When you’ve been traveling, you and your body will need a little TLC.

Many of the hotels around the island have spas.

Go on a Sunset Dhow Cruise

What better way to see the sunset, sunset dhow cruise trips can either be romantic or crazy party boats. It all depends on the type of people you will share the boat with.

Sunset cruises can be booked from any hotel, most include drinks.

Go Snorkel

Take trip out to the Mnemba Atoll and go snorkeling or scuba diving in one of the most beautiful spots around.

Go Kite boarding

Did you know that Zanzibar is an amazing place for kite boarding?

There are two winds that blow through Zanzibar, the Kusi Winds and the Kaskazi Winds. The Kusi blows in from the south-east from mid-June to mid-October and the the Kaskazi blows in from the north-east between December and April.

Party Hop

There is always a party going on somewhere on any given night on the Zanzibar Island, the bars on the beach resorts take turns in hosting the party of the night. Ask the guys at your hotel bar, they’re always in the know.

Practice Yoga