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Welcome to Muthaiga Travel FAQS –  Frequently Asked Questions section.

Below you will find a selection of the questions we get asked most.

Simply click the question to reveal the answer. However, if you don’t get an answer to that burning question, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a definite and clear solution to your queries.

We believe there are five broad benefits to booking through us; (

  1. Our first hand knowledge of the holiday you plan to book,
  2. the leverage we wield with our suppliers,
  3. having one point of contact for all arrangements,
  4. financial protection, and
  5. our commitment to avoid surcharging clients with foreign exchange risk.

We have spent several years sourcing and selecting the very finest properties, airlines and activities from around the world and has first hand experience of everything we offer. Apart from saving you huge amounts of research time we would like to think that our relationships with suppliers are built on very strong foundations and give our clients the very best of what is on offer. Our relationships with properties, guides and groundhandlers have been built up over many years and we are therefore able to wield a certain amount of leverage on them to give our clients the very best service, upgrades where possible etc. Having one source to arrange everything and one point of contact to make changes is central to your peace of mind.

We are constantly putting together corporate trips from simple six people weekends to far more innovative trips for larger groups. Please see the business travel section of the website for more details and ideas of the sort of trips we have organised to date. For further details you can contact us via

Yes. This is because, holidays involve activities that you are unlikely to be covered for under your existing policy. We will not sell a holiday to someone who is not sufficiently covered.

You can rest assured your money is safe with Muthaiga Travel because we are a dully registered travel agency company in Kenya and prove on this can be can be provived on request.

We relish a challenge, so if there’s something special you would like to organise, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

We will inform you of any visa and passport requirements, and will offer advice on vaccinations required.

We regularly speak to our clients who are parents to ensure the whole experience of travelling as a family is made  as easy as possible. From our ongoing research, and our own experience as parents, we have created a portfolio of trips we believe are the best for families - be they R&R beach holidays or more experience-led and educational adventures.

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