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The Ark

Available Rooms

Triple Room

Max Guests:

9 triple-bed cabins with three single beds
Please note: The triple-bed cabins are the best rooms for families

3 star
+254 722 357208
Mout Kenya Region
12.00 pm
10.00 am
100 %
  • Great experience, 100% worth it. Just for 1 night, 2 tops.

    Rogelio Saldaña Wolff
  • A unique experience. Stayed up later than most and watched an elephant have his dinner from a tree less than ten feet outside the window. Then went to the "blockhouse" room and stared at a hyena who had been harassing the elephants earlier.The naturalist lecture was very informative. Dinner was delicious.

    Les A.
  • Amazing place to be. . Nicely maintained. . Friendly staff

    Gurpal Singh Chahal

About The Ark

Set in the heart of the Aberdare National Park, iconic and yes, quirky, The Ark overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick, which attracts a host of awesome wildlife. Resembling and named after Noah’s Ark, The Ark comprises of three decks from which numerous balconies and lounges provide a superb location for wildlife to be seen.
The Ark has four viewing areas for observing the ever-present animal activity. There is also a ground level bunker – the perfect hideout for the discerning photographer. This is a circular pillbox-like structure, and it is from this vantage point that pictures of animals on the salt lick only yards away may be taken through the view holes in complete safety.
As Monty Brown describes in his book, “Haven Under the Hill”:
“In this intimate recess one can almost, but not quite, pat the animals, hear their sounds and smell the aroma of the night. This is a magical corner, where there is close contact with the essence that tells of an unexplored Africa, and where, very often, the visitor may enjoy in solitary state the beauty of it all.”
So that you don’t miss any animal sightings, the night guard will buzz your room when special animals come to the waterhole. There is even a live webcam so that you can enjoy viewing the animals whether at The Ark, or at home.

Policies of The Ark

12.00 pm
10.00 am
Children under 7 year are not permitted except during special children’s night out. Transfers service between The Ark and Aberdare country club is included and operates at designated time. Private transfer available at additional cost.
Pets are not allowed.
Includes: The rates are per room per night on full board basis and inclusive of VAT, Government levy and service charge. Excludes: The rates are excluding public holiday and festive season, excluding any park entrance fees.

Amenities of The Ark

Curio Gift Shop - Offers local Kenyan curios, safari wear, essentials and toiletries

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Things to Do

Suggested activities if you have... 1 day Afternoon safari drive in Aberdare National Park 2 days Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + Trekking to the waterfalls 3 days Mountain climbing, Play golf / horse ride experience at Aberdare Country Club + Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + full day safari drive in Solio Ranch. 4 days Mountain climbing, golf / horse riding experience at Aberdare Country Club + Full day safari drive in Aberdare National Park + Fishing + full day safari drive in Solio Ranch + Bush culinary experience

The Ark, Nyeri

The Ark, Nyeri Built strategically between the  famous Aberdare ranges to the South and Mt Kenya to the North, it has a magnificent view of the area. Wildlife Visitors can observe different animals, such as elephants, leopards, buffalo, rhinos in the park. These animals come to the waterhole and can be seen from the comfort


The Ark Nyeri, Kenya

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